The Rescue for PTSD & Tomball VFW Post 2427

Ty Cobb Adjutant, VFW Post 2427 - 10/27/2022

Recently, The Rescue for PTSD visited Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2427 to explain its program and business model. What the post learned was that both organizations can help each other in a tremendous way.  The Rescue for PTSD is always in need of a venue to conduct the highly specialized training for the animals and the Tomball VFW Post 2427 has a platform to get the animals to the Veterans that need them so dearly! 
So a partnership is being formed by Tomball VFW Commander Greg Knox and the Founder of The Rescue for PTSD Laura Murray that will allow the rescue to train its animals (or the Veterans) on site and our local Tomball veterans and their families will have a chance to train the animals on the weekends until all tasks that qualify the furry four legged friends to be certified are complete. 
Please contact Greg Knox or Ty Cobb if you are a Veteran and have an interest in a service dog.